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  1. Mr WordPress says:

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  2. Odan Matig-a says:

    Before I give you my reply I humble myself to introduce my name. I am Odan Matig-a who is also a commenter together with Winnie in esoriano blog.

    truthhuntsman at Winnie:

    “You wrote earlier and I quote: “Jerico, your preacher is

    blatant liar; he deliberately cut and splices statement to

    make a story. What kind of preacher is he? He said that I made

    a comment that a preacher sent by God should have had written

    a book.”

    Odan replies:

    //The word “blatant” used by Winnie means; without shame. In

    my case he is not but he (Eli S.) is an incorrigible liar. Why

    I say that? Because Eli S. tried to misquote my opinion when I

    told a certain ADD follower like this; ““Why? Is your faith with your Bro. Eli? The Catholics during the Roman Empire died for their faith in Christ and not for the apostles.”

    When I corrected his statement he insisted that he quoted me correctly!

    Mr. Eli S. did not only cut and splice my opinion but he

    mangled the whole idea by asking Winnie like this; “is dying

    for the apostles a wrong reason?” My opinion is; “Why? Is your

    faith with your Bro. Eli? The Catholics during the Roman

    Empire died for their faith in Christ and not for the


    truthhuntsman at Winnie:

    “Granting for the sake of argument that it wasn’t you but your

    fellow Catholic who said that a preacher sent by God should

    have had written a book, the mere fact that you were trying

    hard to defend her position (as shown above) in effect made

    you equally liable for gross ignorance of the scripture.”

    Odan replies:

    //Winnie is correct! I am the one who challenged Eli S. that

    if he is truly a man sent by God who has received revelation

    then he should write it in a form of a book. If that is the case, it can be said that Joseph Smith and Muhammad are better religious leaders than Eli S. because their revelations from

    God are written in a book. While Eli S. is using the bible which is the book of the Catholic Church. The theology in the bible is written for the catholics.//

    truthhuntsman at Winnie:

    “You wrote and I quote: “Bro Eli said that there is no word,

    “pope” mentioned in the Bible, then he goes on to say that the

    word pope means “father”. Of course this time he is 50%

    correct, he contradicted himself, saying that there is no word

    pope/papa/father in the Bible. Surely the Bible contains

    thousands of word, “father”, hence clearly the word pope is in

    the Bible”. – End of quote.”

    Odan replies:

    //I think it’s you who did not understand what Winnie meant in

    the quote above. Eli S. said that; “there is no word pope in

    the bible”. Eli S. is trying to deceive his followers by his

    refusal to say that there are words pope in the bible. The

    NT is written originally in greek and the word father is in

    the bible therefore the word pope also is in the bible because

    it simply means pappa which is greek.//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Again your behavioral Catholicism is in the works here with

    the above “nice try” at deception, distortion of facts by way

    of putting words into Bro. Eli’s mouth so to speak. Never did

    he say that pope means father, instead, what he said was: The

    word “pope” according to Catholic authorities means, “Father”.

    You can find that in this reference: New Advent (deleted)

    Moreover, he did not say that the word father is not found in

    the bible! For the sake of the readers whom you are trying to

    mislead and deceive, hereunder is the text of Bro. Eli’s

    discussion of the topic which you @Winnie is trying to


    Odan replies:

    //Okay… it’s my turn say; “granting without admitting” that

    Eli S. is not deceiving his followers that the word pope is

    only “according to Catholic authorities” means “Father”. If

    so; what does pope mean according to you and also to Mr. Eli

    Soriano? Please answer my question!//

    Anti-catholic teaching of Eli S. followed by truthhuntsman:



    Odan replies:

    //Mr. Eli Soriano is wrong! The office and person of the pope

    is biblical. Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:18-19 handed the keys

    to St. Peter. Keys in ancient Judaism means authority or an

    office. Caiaphas was the high priest of the temple in Jerusalem… therefore he is the holder of the keys.

    In christianity Jesus gave the keys to St Peter which is the office or authority as a high priest of the church.//

    More anti-catholic teaching by Eli S.:

    “The word “pope” according to Catholic authorities means,


    Odan replies:

    Correct! According to ADD what does pope mean? Please answer!

    truthhuntsman quoted Eli S.:

    “Although Catholic authorities say that Peter was the first

    pope, no records in history, in archaeology or in the Bible

    will prove that Peter was once a pope! The apostles, including

    Peter were prohibited by the Lord Jesus Christ to use the

    title “father” or “teacher”.”

    Odan replies:

    //You are trapped into the lies of Eli Soriano. There are

    plenty of records in history that St. Peter was once the pope

    in Rome, in archaeology or in the bible.

    In history the early christian fathers attested in their

    writings that St. Peter was the first pope. In history there

    is no other credible records nearest to the bible except the

    writings of the early christians. If you have records in history that will refute the early christians writings… then show me!

    In Archaeology you can dig up the burial place of St. Peter in

    the Vatican catacomb.

    In the bible if you believed that St. Peter was not appointed

    by Christ then I am going to throw this question to you. And please answer!

    Who is the leader of the apostles according to the bible?//

    MATTHEW 23:8-9 (KJV)

    “But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even

    Christ; and all ye are brethren. And call no man your father

    upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven”.”

    Odan replies:

    Matthew 23:8 is anti Judaism. Rabbi is a jewish teacher. Jesus Christ didn’t want his followers to learn from the jewish teachers in the synagogue…. and verse 9 is anti paganism because pagan worshippers in Israel during Jesus times called their god “el” the father of mankind.

    Therefore calling the pagan god father is prohited but calling

    “father” a spiritual father is not prohibited in the bible. In

    Luke 16:24 the rich man called Abraham father.

    “And he cried and said, Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and

    send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water,

    and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.”

    You see! This rich man is in hell calling for Father Abraham.
    He is a man and he is called father!

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Arguments to the contrary based on illogical reasoning and

    distorted personal opinions are passed off as truth by the

    Catholics but the final authority is the word of God, which

    never said that there has been such an office in the true


    Odan replies:

    //If you think my arguments are based on illogical premises

    then try to refute it. Your counter arguments are welcome!//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Careful perusal of the above discussion clearly exposed your

    deception and lies @Winnie, I’m very sorry for you! Do you

    consider yourself a Christian? Why can’t you not accept and

    observe Christian doctrine in MATTHEW 23:8-9?”

    Odan replies:

    //Of course! We catholics are more christian than any member of the ADD religious organization. You see we believe in Jesus as the second person in the Blessed Trinity and we believe the Holy Spirit while your belief is heretical. Your teacher in the person of Mr. Eli soriano is teaching a another Christ like the Christ of the gnostics. Your version of a Christ can be read in the gospel of Judas. You want proof from me?//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Ah, I see, you’re a Catholic with a Jewish tendency by pitting Isaiah 22:20-21 against MATTHEW 23:8-9! The rest of your comments are irrelevant, misleading and without probative value!”- End of quote.”

    Odan replies:

    //We catholics are not pitting Isaiah 22:20-21 and Matthew 23:8-9. You are like comparing apples and oranges. Matthew 23:8-9 has a different interpretation. My explanation above tells you that verse 8 is anti Judaism and verse 9 is anti paganism. Isaiah 22:20-21 has a different theological interpretation. Let’s read;

    “20 And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will call my servant Eliacim the son of Helcias, 21 and I will clothe him with your robe, and will strengthen him with your girdle, and will give your power into his hand: and he shall be as a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Juda. 22 And I will lay the key of the house of David upon his shoulder: and he shall open, and none shall shut: and he shall shut, and none shall open.”

    This is a prophecy of the coming of a leader… a high priest. This is referred to Christ. Note that he is to be a “father” to the people of Jerusalem. In verse 21 it is talking of clothing Eliacim. This is referred to a priestly clothing. Please note also of the “key” in verse 22. But when he rose up to heaven the key was handed over to St. Peter. The key is the papal [father] office. Did you get the point?//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Now, going back to this latest “comment brouhaha” of yours

    (where you are trying to downgrade the significance of this

    blog which you termed as non-doctrinal),”

    Odan replies:

    //I believe also that this esoriano blog is non-doctrinal because mostly it deals of attacking the Catholic Church. And I have not read statement by Mr. Eli Soriano declaring his doctrine in the blog. If it is doctrinal then show me the doctrine of ADD!//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “I would say that you really are in a continuing denial mode on the biblical doctrine abundantly mentioned by Bro. Eli here…”

    Odan replies:

    //If I’m not mistaken Mr. Eli S. wrote about the church in the wilderness which is; as he asserted the original church in the bible established by God before there was a church established by Jesus Christ in Matthew 16:18. Is this not contradictory doctrine?//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “while you even have the gall to reiterate the glaringly “massaged statement” of yours as follows:

    “Let me state again my take on this. Yes Odan Matig-a is right

    and correct when he said the the early Christians died for the

    FAITH in Christ and not (primarily) for the apostles or their

    FAITH to any of the apostles.””

    Odan replies:

    //Winnie is correct again! I also said that; “the early Christians died for the FAITH in Christ and not (primarily) for the apostles or their FAITH to any of the apostles”…. when I argued with Mr. Eli Soriano.//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “Note that the above statement of yours is not exactly what

    Odan Matig-as, your fellow Catholic apologist has said as

    follows: “The Catholics during the Roman Empire died for their

    faith in Christ and not for the apostles.” See the difference?”

    Odan replies:

    //You are quoting me out of context! You mis-quoted me just like your teacher. The correct quote is this; “Why? Is your faith with your Bro. Eli? The Catholics during the Roman Empire died for their faith in Christ and not for the apostles.” I asked this to a certain chevron in the blog. Did you see also the difference?//

    truthhuntsman says:

    “The difference not only in form but in substance as well was

    clearly explained by Bro. Eli in this article complete with

    biblical references if you would only care to read and

    understand very carefully.”

    Odan replies:

    //You are correct! The substance is gone because I was asking chevron why he has too much faith in his Bro. Eli. Because if his faith is more on Mr. Eli S. then he is practicing cultism. But Mr. Eli S. tried to evade this issue. He wanted the issue to be diverted to the apostles. Get my point again!//

  3. arnel gutierrez says:

    very clear information, thanks be to God, we have this to depend the aggrieve parties.

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