The Misadventures of Captain Wet (Kapitan Basa) – Part I

Captain Wet is the English version of Kapitan Basa, a symbol of a modern day false prophet who considers religion a lucrative preoccupation.  Better known as Satantiago, Kapitan Basa or Captain Wet is “wet brain inflicted” persona (for having confabulation or telling imagined & untrue experiences as gospel truth).

Captain Wet together with his brother Bernardo (who, many years earlier was excommunicated for fleeing away with the wife of his supposed brother in Christ) was able to infiltrate the Members Church of God International (MCGI) sometime in 1991.  He was subsequently able to gain the generous support of MCGI leaders to the point of abusing their kindness and compassion by employing the strategy of his feigned church loyalty and commitment. As a matter of fact, Captain Wet was even able to bail his mother out from strings of estafa cases (committed by her even prior to MCGI membership infiltration) involving more than two (2) million pesos by settling them with the personal fund of MCGI Presiding Minister, Bro. Eli Soriano.

Just like Jesus’ disciple Judas Iscariot, Captain Wet as a church worker once, was given opportunity for sensitive position in church (as Bro. Eli’s co-host in radio/TV religious program Ang Dating Daan for several years) only to emerge or disclose himself as traitor and betray his master later on. Furthermore, just like the privileged angel Lucifer, the original rebel who became known as Satan, Captain Wet rebelled against church authority due to same reasons: obsession for power and personal glory.

Captain Wet’s rebellious attitude began to manifest following Bro. Eli’s departure for abroad in December 2005.   The inconvenience brought about by unexpected parting with Bro. Eli (who happened to be too accommodating when it comes to his personal fund necessities) apparently pissed him off. With Bro. Eli not around, he had to deal with the Vice Presiding Minister, Bro. Daniel Razon and the latter, against whom he harbored unnecessary professional jealousy, was for him, not the best person to deal with. He even made unfounded accusation against Bro. Daniel of alleged gallivanting in cases when the latter needs to travel abroad to support Bro. Eli’s foreign mission.

As he engaged himself into discreet agitation of members, raising issues of imagined grievances, his dissatisfaction went into full blown treachery when he began subverting not only the leadership but the very doctrines of the Church itself.  His misguided spiritual dissent and deliberate doctrinal machination in furtherance of spurious motivation were sufficient grounds to deliver him to Satan. He was totally exposed shortly thereafter, hence, not only was he excommunicated but the order of his appointment with Satan was officially signed, sealed and delivered! – End of Part I. -by Toto Onato

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2 Responses to The Misadventures of Captain Wet (Kapitan Basa) – Part I

  1. rectify says:

    is it not more appropriate to call that guy “SATANTADO”? HEHEHE from above context, u will definitely arrive with highest certainty that he deserves hell to be his dwelling place!

    • If SATANTADO means Satanas na Tarantado then maybe that would be more appropriate. Thanks for appreciating the blog’s context correctly. Still there are truths not mentioned (and I’m sorry for that) like Bro. Eli’s sincerity in caring for SATANTADO’s sickly mother during her last few years on earth. Bro. Eli used to shoulder expenses of the mother’s recurring sickness and hospitalization. SATANTADO’s case which is laced with extreme ingratitude is, not only one for the books but more significantly, one for the hell!

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