A Rebel Without a Cause – The Misadventures of CAPTAIN WET – Part II


Captain Wet or Kapitan Basa was earlier introduced as a symbol of a modern day false prophet personified by Satantiago in this case.   Incidentally, the name Kapitan Basa has also been the name of Satantiago’s facebook and twitter accounts ever since he emerged from his initial rendezvous with the devil following his excommunication. It turned out later that those accounts had been created for purposes of black propaganda and disinformation campaign against his erstwhile spiritual leaders and to assail the biblical church doctrine.

Covenant with the devil

Captain Wet’s covenant with the devil (which provided for fortune, power and personal glory as worldly rewards for the nasty rebel to look forward to) paved the way for his absolute isolation from his wife and children who made a great escape away from him. His Godfearing wife knew for sure that he would take them also to hell should they decide to stay with him. Such a daring display of will and courage could not have been made possible without that “love of God above all” spirit of a housewife whose husband was irreversibly hell bound. With spiritual salvation as the issue, she could not bear a husband who has been consistently at war with the truth.

Captain Wet has a mission from his real master and that is:  “To destroy the character of MCGI spiritual leaders and to enter into conspiracy with dubious churches if need be to ascertain the escalation of an insidious form of spiritual subversion”. The detestable and devious courses of actions are evident from various internet sites such as: Youtube, facebook, twitter, blogspot, etc. Fictitious account names such as: taiohi, agacer_, FulgurNix, elvisriley, Yui Fei and a few more nut headed bloggers are all over the internet with their slanderous, deceptive, malicious and ridiculous blogs, posts and tweets.

 An outcast twice over

It must be remembered that prior to his current wave of vicious tantrums, Captain Wet was with certain Elmer Caras and Warly Santiago. They, together with a handful of confused supporters, composed the inner circle of that ill conceived spiritual rebellion against MCGI which was doomed to fail from the very beginning.  With Caras as the financier, they registered their own church the name of which was too awkwardly phrased to be properly recalled. Their attempt to push Captain Wet as bogus televangelist proved futile when their religious program went off the air after only a few episodes due to internal bickering and some cases of unaccounted funds. Shortly thereafter, news broke out that Captain Wet was expelled by Caras and company due to differences in values (issue of womanizing against Wet), policies and principles.

Having been an outcast twice over in so short a time, Captain Wet is now in a frantic effort (making up for lost ground) to implement the evil designs of his satanic mission. Incidentally however, the severed tie with Caras has deprived him of funds necessary to maintain a decent central office. Hence, the need to establish a command center on facebook and advanced command post on twitter both with direct links to youtube, Limited Zone (bereans) and blogspot.

Without a cause but with bad intention

As reality sets in, this orchestrated effort by Captain Wet and the rest of the gang to subvert the leadership of MCGI and its biblical doctrine would definitely be collapsing. Captain Wet would then be overwhelmed by the futility of using lies in trying to kill the truth and then the totality of his subsequent failure would be the crowning disgrace of his pathetic existence. Therefore it would be accurate to conclude that Captain Wet is not only a rebel without a cause but a stupid rebel with bad intention. – End of Part II. – Toto Onato

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