The Paradigm of Irresponsible Media Practice

from CNN website
GMA 7 “Case Unclosed”: Shadow of religious discrimination
October 7, 2011 | Manila, Philippines

On June 18, 2009 the program Case Unclosed of a Philippine TV Network GMA7 hosted by a broadcaster named Arnold Clavio aired a controversial one-sided documentary feature of a self confessed rapist Daniel Veridiano aka “Puto”. If anything, the episode merely accomplished what may be considered as trial by publicity or trial by media of Bro. Eli Soriano, the spiritual leader of a religious group known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). In that program, Bro. Eli was repeatedly accused by Puto of “rape”, notwithstanding the fact that same case had already been submitted for judicial determination during that time (sub-judice). Without the benefit of “cross examination” and Bro. Eli’s account of the other side of the story, Puto and Clavio teamed up to make “home runs” of unopposed prejudices, in the absence of Bro. Eli, on that show.

Evidently, this was one of those instances of media bias and sensationalism. Likewise, it betrayed a network’s insensitivity to issue marked with significant religious undertone. A no nonsense media practitioner who fully subscribes to ethical standard of journalism would likely shy away from such a discriminatory project. The TV network involve could have easily acquired information about the real background of things that matters most unless such information would deliberately be ignored for devious purposes.…ould-mobilize/

With utmost disregard to Bro. Eli’s rights under a democratic set-up, GMA Network through its Channel 11 replayed the same episode last August 03, 2011 and in the process, adds more insult to injury. GMA7, not once but twice, had promoted the interest of Bro. Eli’s foremost detractor, the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC), the church where Puto sought refuge and comfort immediately following his excommunication from ADD for various offenses. GMA7, in this particular case of trial by publicity should have taken into consideration the common knowledge about the deep seethed animosity between INC and ADD and the fact that the INC had been subjecting Bro. Eli to all forms of persecution and religious discrimination for many years.…s-to-remember/

Puto was an excommunicated former member of ADD who filed his case against Bro. Eli the moment he became a member of INC. Was this controversial episode involving INC and Bro Eli of ADD a stage managed media event to put the latter in bad light or just a mere coincidence it happened that way? GMA7, INC, Clavio and Puto surely know the answer. On the other hand, the right thinking audiences know that Bro. Eli need not suffer from this kind of media bias, sensationalism, trial by media and RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION.

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