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The “Nightmare” of False Prophets (Part 3): Introduction to Foreign Mission

Background The INC’s tremendous influence over the justice system of the past Arroyo government enabled the relentless persecution and harassment against Bro. Eli wherein he had been forced to dreadfully struggle through. The seeming helplessness of his situation all through those … Continue reading

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The “Nightmare” Of False Prophets (Part 2): Hated by INC because of HIS name…

Introduction If Bro. Eli would have his way, he would not wish to go abroad and stay there for good. His inherent fear to travel by air and his explainable anxiety towards living in foreign soil maybe construed as lame … Continue reading

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The “Nightmare” of False Prophets (Part I)

“This article is meant to inform the truth seeking readers about the presence and availability of the only sensible preacher of our time, able and willing to guide us spiritually for honest reasons that he cares and wish to share…” … Continue reading

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Post Impeachment Trial interview with Minister Maximiano Bolahan of INCM

Interviewer: Hello Minister Bolahan, how are you and your church doing these days? Minister Bolahan: Very fine, thank you! Interviewer: You are a staunch supporter of ousted CJ Corona, at least that is the public perception and I thought Manalo … Continue reading

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