The “Nightmare” of False Prophets (Part I)

“This article is meant to inform the truth seeking readers about the presence and availability of the only sensible preacher of our time, able and willing to guide us spiritually for honest reasons that he cares and wish to share…”


The truthfulness in a Christian preacher is revealed by his purely Bible based teachings
considering that only the Bible contains the full Christian doctrines. It does not really
make sense like when somebody (who claims to be a preacher, pastor or priest in a religious fellowship) is merely articulating his opinion about or giving out his own interpretation of the Word of God. Nonetheless, this unbiblical and senseless method of preaching has been the practice of the so-called religious leaders and workers nowadays and ironically, their followers keep on increasing by the day. Indeed, such an impious development is a serious spiritual concern!

This article is meant to inform the truth seeking readers about the presence and availability of the only sensible preacher of our time, able and willing to guide us spiritually for honest reasons that he cares and wish to share.

The “False Prophet Explosion”

In the same way that “Population Explosion” causes serious problems that adversely affect worldwide economy and development, the advent of “False Prophet Explosion” brings to fore serious repercussions on the moral aspect and spiritual salvation of mankind. Scary is the apt word to describe the growth rate of these agents of darkness and devils in disguise whose mission is to confuse and deceive people by way of their diversified and misleading personal interpretations of verses from the Bible.

These false prophets are ‘dime a dozen’ nowadays and they are transforming this world into a vast playing field for ‘spiritual corruption and subversion’. Unfortunately, many souls are being swayed to their side while others who are more discerning run the risk of continuous exposure to mind boggling waves of entangled doctrines and lies. Consequently, more people are confused to the point that they already doubt the truthfulness of the Holy Scriptures.

The Need For Spiritual Counter-subversion

What we have now actually is a world full of misguided souls who, due to lack of knowledge about the Truth become highly vulnerable to temptation and corruption. This in effect is the greatest contributory factor that could lead to “spiritual instability and insecurity” for those who are misinformed about the Word of God. Hence, the urgency for the spiritually guided effort by the True Messenger of God to untangle the extremely complicated yarns of twisted logic, interwoven lies and mixed up teachings of the ever increasing false prophets of our time.

It is extremely heartwarming to note that in the midst of these uncertainties comes Bro. Eli Soriano, the Presiding Minister of The Church of God International and the only sensible preacher of our time. Symbolically, he comes like a knight in shining armor armed with the sword of Truth and Wisdom to rescue souls imminently threatened by false prophets or devils in disguise.

Pursuing a very complicated crusade of relentless “spiritual counter subversion”, Bro. Eli has come to the rescue of many innocent souls who are either victims or would be victims of doctrinal machinations. So far, he has successfully freed many of them from the clutches of spiritual vultures whose intention is to lead people to eternal damnation.

The Spectacle Of Man’s Homecoming To THE CHURCH OF GOD

The Church of God which he represents in these end times has generated followers and members composed of people (from different countries) who, upon watching his biblical preaching programs from the Internet, have come to realize the truthfulness of his biblical faith. Thank God, these converts and believers are now Christians in the true sense of the word!

The enormity of his worldwide audience and listeners outside the consistently expanding Church of God has now become more evident than ever before. Just recently, Bro. Eli’s website has been adjudged winner of “The Most Educational to Follow” category of: The 3rd Mashable Open Web Awards Competition of 2009 (Link:

Such kind of international website recognition is but a glaring testimony to the: frequent, audience-generating, highly informative and greatly productive cyberspace rendezvous between the only sensible preacher of this generation and the legions of worldwide followers longing for Bro. Eli’s biblical words of wisdom.

Just how Bro. Eli, despite all odds has emerged as, not only the nemesis but more pragmatically, the ‘nightmare’ of false prophets is the subject of subsequent discussions. (End of Part I)

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  1. Tony says:

    I always spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles everyday along with a cup of coffee.

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