The “Nightmare” of False Prophets (Part 3): Introduction to Foreign Mission


The INC’s tremendous influence over the justice system of the past Arroyo government enabled the relentless persecution and harassment against Bro. Eli wherein he had been forced to dreadfully struggle through. The seeming helplessness of his situation all through those years had become a lingering legal nightmare to his lawyers. They realized the futility of lawyering for a client who, if not being subjected to the reign of terror was being deliberately humiliated and abused, systematically at that by the screwed judicial processes prevailing.

Eventually, Bro. Eli’s advisers ended up with common suggestion for him to sidestep the serious threat to his life and freedom by way of an immediate travel abroad. This would enable him to find a foreign home where he could live safer and more freely overseas rather than be preoccupied with endless harassment and persecutions or worse, be physically eliminated. On that basis did he travel abroad? Not necessarily…but on the basis of biblical justification that earlier was mentioned.

As usual, Bro. Eli was just being guided by the wisdom of his bible based disposition and resolve. Therefore, Bro. Eli’s faith and enduring hope, after all, had finally brought him to where he should really be. From preaching in his native country in the East, he had traveled to the West to continue his mission by following the biblical direction.

Bro. Eli takes greater spiritual initiative while abroad

Bro. Eli’s stay abroad which had begun during the latter part of December 2005 presented opportunity for him to visit the locales of purely Filipino brethren in some parts of the world particularly in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America. Sooner than later did he personally assess and conclude that his stay in those foreign places could more effectively facilitate the worldwide propagation of the pure and undefiled Christian doctrine which he used to preach about.

It must be pointed out that while still based in the Philippines, Bro. Eli had already been laying down the groundwork for his own concept of global evangelism that had been featuring Bible Exposition programs via satellite hand in hand with on-line internet live broadcasting of the same. As a matter of fact on July 13, 2002, the first Bible Exposition in Singapore with global exposure and reach was successfully conducted using modern communication technology wherein Bro. Eli gave a three-hour preaching in English for the first time.

On the 30th of August of the same year, another Worldwide Bible Exposition emanating from San Juan Gymnasium in Metro Manila, Philippines was likewise held successfully. Since then, Worldwide Bible Expositions were being held regularly in coordination with other chapters abroad including the live airing of the first Grand Bible Exposition of Bro. Eli on November 14, 2004 again in Singapore which was made more conveniently accessible for worldwide live monitoring.

Bible Exposition by the way is an inimitable trademark of Bro. Eli’s method of preaching. It highlights an open forum whereby guests are encouraged to ask their queries regarding Christian faith and other related issues. Much unlike the common preachers who normally preach from their personal point of view, Bro. Eli is always instantaneous and abundant with biblical verses when preaching. It boggles the mind how gifted is he for having that impeccable proficiency to recall (with pinpoint accuracy) the biblical verses that serve as perfect answers to all religious queries.

His “weapons of mass salvation” are effectively utilized for global evangelism

Indeed, Bro. Eli’s concept of global evangelization used to be an amazing display of biblical wisdom that had clearly defined his deep-seated spiritual sensibility. He had possessed the ability to anticipate people’s growing spiritual yearnings and had been capable of providing them the nuts and bolts required to satisfy their religious desires. His innovative approach in the propagation of spiritual salvation had been relentlessly pursued and effectively set in motion years prior to his stay abroad.

Even beforehand, his spiritual labor had been geared towards establishing a worldwide breeding ground for would-be recipients of true spiritual inheritance which constituted the righteousness of his advocacy. His subsequent life abroad therefore had become the perfect occasion for him to demonstrate and make good use of his previously assembled spiritual weapons. In fact, his hands are full, taking advantage of the immense opportunity there from to better preach the Gospel to all nations.

The persistent worldwide manifestation of what seemed like Bro. Eli’s weapons of mass salvation included among others: Bible Expositions; Internet website accounts and social network blog sites (containing relevant information/updates about him including all his programs and activities as a preacher); religious programs on TV and; his debates with religious pretenders. Those weapons of him on display helped a lot in effort to establish new sets of live audiences abroad whose common interest upon knowing him has been focused into: learning further the biblical truth; satisfying their spiritual thirst and hunger and; being able to witness his unique method of preaching up close and personal.

Hence, on January 7, 2006, Bro. Eli had set himself up to face the greater challenge ahead and conducted the first live Bible Exposition in Los Angeles, California, USA. The surprising attendance of U.S citizens and other foreign nationals who watched and listened in total awe as he provided biblical answers to all their questions gave him a hint of greater things to come. The said religious event signaled the beginning of a new chapter, a different level of advancement in Bro. Eli’s missionary works. – End of Part 3

Next issue:
The “Nightmare” of False Prophets 4: Insidious efforts to derail the foreign mission proved futile.

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