Indeed, this SCAN stuff (picture below) is an artistic depiction or portrayal of:


2. DEBRIS: represents the true state of MANALO’S DOCTRINE.

…and as for Manalo’s church, it is SHOWTIME!

SCAN International, a committee on Iglesia ni Cristo posted an image of their kapilya (church) in Tacloban City, appearing undamaged amidst destruction and chaos brought upon by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

The image posted on SCAN International’s facebook page quickly went viral, gathering close to 13 thousands shares, 18 thousand likes and almost 3 thousand comments. The caption of the image quotes a bible passage describing how faith could have saved the church. It also gives credit to the original owner of the image Rommel L. Rutor who according to the Facebook page is a Roman Catholic. 1466093_656603561046014_454485429_n


The Iglesia Ni Manalo may have realized by now the widespread negative public perception as regards to their wrong attitude and behavior in dealing with typhoon victims. Hence, in a reported news release (, they have refuted the reliable report about their insensitivity towards the Iloilo typhoon victims whom their church denied refuge.

Reportedly, there are 11 families who are now staying inside their church in Tacloban City. An average of 5 person per family would mean there are only 55 individuals inside said church which I suppose should be able to accommodate more than 100 individuals.

If they are really sincere in their effort to help as many people as possible, why limit the accommodation to 11 families when they can easily accommodate at least 20 families? Most likely, those 11 families are favored families entitled to INC preference and privileges for one reason or another.

Let us not be misled here. In extreme crisis situation like what happened in Tacloban, it defies logic and reason to be able to still select a very limited number of refugees and by family at that, unless it is a pre-determined accommodation to INC favored families. Lokohin nila lelong nila!

Manalo’s INC is now back in its usual state of HYPOCRISY to refute the said incident and make it appear that as if they also care for non-members. The SCAN International facebook page even removed the above picture from its timeline. However, despite this another stroke of HYPOCRICY, the TRUTH has already caused so much DAMAGE to their church’s effort to reverse its DEVIOUS and TATTERED reputation. The news release of Manalo’s church therefore is nothing more than a futile DAMAGE CONTROL exercise.

Binabago ang ulat!

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