A Case of Misplaced Advertising

An open letter to concerned Advertisers:

I reach out to you as your customer or consumer, your humble commercial partner (in a way) who value the “give and take” relationship that naturally exist between us; you being the supplier of my basic needs for goods and services.

In contentious situation like this, I am inclined to think that such a relationship could be a factor in an effort to protect and preserve our common interest. This has something to do with one of your advertising outlet, TV network GMA-7 which, on August 3, 2011, through its Channel 11,replayed an original June 18, 2009 Case Unclosed episode (with Arnold Clavio as host) of a controversial one-sided documentary feature of a self confessed rapist Daniel Veridiano aka“Puto”.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9zc0lf52Ms

Such tasteless and biased episode of program Case Unclosed was a simple case of trial by publicity to malign its target personality: Bro. Eli Soriano, the spiritual leader of a religious group known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). In that worthless TV program, Bro. Eli was publicly prejudged by Puto liable for a crime he had accused him of in court notwithstanding that the sub-judice rule of law prohibits public discussion of cases already filed for judicial determination. Without the benefit of “cross examination” and Bro. Eli’s version of the story, Puto and Clavio made “home runs” of unopposed prejudices and biases on that show and in the process promoted injustice,religious discrimination and irresponsible journalism which I couldn’t swallow. Hence, I have since boycotted GMA-7 and its other media outlet if only to manifest my personal indignation and protest against those responsible for violating the rule of law and undermining the very objectivity and fairness of TV broadcasting industry.

Mine is just an insignificant lone voice in the wilderness that may not matter to you (though I’d like to think that there are multitudes out there similarly situated). Nonetheless, I still deemed it necessary to bring this out to you hoping that you will not again be used as an unwitting tool for devious propaganda purpose like what happened in the now closed GMA7 program Case Unclosed. See your advertisements in other TV stations as I continue to BOYCOTT GMA7. Thank you very much!


Toto Onato

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