Getting to Know the Perfect Ideology

“Perfect ideology was an elusive dream I thought but life must go on no matter what. So many years had passed and as I lived my life according to the world, I found myself captive in the quagmire of my own ambition and self gratification. Admittedly, I had my share of human frailties and as I later achieved a certain degree of “power” that brought my feet off from the ground, a forceful collision with a greater “power” brought my feet back on the ground. The impact and magnitude of humiliating personal defeat which was proportionate to political, social, economic and military collapse effectively reduced me to nothingness!”


IDEOLOGY is a generic term which means: the body of ideas characteristics of a peculiar individual, group or cultures. It is an overall view of or attitude towards life whereby there is aspirations, theories and aims that constitute a political, social and economic program or strategic course of action. Since ideology is basically just a body of ideas, it has to be developed, documented and extensively taught as doctrine for it to become a principle widely accepted as valid and authoritative.

Ideology is the basic foundation of doctrine that sets direction and defines the behavior, emotion, belief, attitude and opinion of man. In effect, the vision and aspiration of a nation or an organization is a reflection also of the collective ideological orientation of its people and vice versa.

 An effective ideological indoctrination could positively develop people into practicing a supposedly ideal way of life (economically, socially and politically). But is there such thing as perfect ideology which can best serve not only the so-called national interest of each nation but, universally and more importantly, the highest interest of mankind as well?

 Generally speaking, different nation’s ideologies are influenced mainly by the principle of materialism and by the inherent worldliness of man. Money and power that denote socio-economic and political magnifications are main concerns of governance and in the same vein, of man. Hence, economics, society and politics are main considerations in ideology’s conceptualization and its natural devolution.

Capitalism as an Ideology      

capitalism The U.S. model of democratic political system espouses an economic ideology called capitalism. It is characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods (i.e. factories, machineries, tools and commodities used in the production of goods) and by prices, production and distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in free market. The government does not directly intervene with legitimate business activities, but mainly encourages and supports private entrepreneurship and help ensures growth and development of enterprise.

Many countries in the world adopt capitalism as the basic form of economic system. Unfortunately for our country Philippines and other nations similarly situated in the economic environment of free enterprise, the supposed fruits of capitalism have not really been translated into tangible economic, political and social progress. So far, for almost two centuries under that system (in the case of the Philippines), only the rich oligarchs and capitalists have become richer while the poor masses have become poorer. That has been one of main reasons for some sectors of society to look at a different ideological perspective including this humble representation.

 The Alternative Ideology

 communismI remember in my early college days when I began my own quest for a preconceived perfect ideology that I hoped to be able to adopt as the guiding principle in my life. In between years 1969 and 1971, which was a critical period in our country’s history, I had the opportunity to attend some brief and informal indoctrination (teach-ins) about the principle of a revolutionary socialism based on the theory of Karl Marx and on the more radical version by Mao Zedong.

 I understood it was communism, an ideology that emphasizes the common ownership of the means of production and distribution of products based on needs. Primarily included in its strategic program are: the ultimate overthrow of capitalism through a ‘Proletarian Revolution’ and; the establishment eventually of the so-called classless society.

 I was then inclined to embrace that concept as I was made to understand that its primary aim is to free peasants and workers from the chain of slavery and poverty. Incidentally my father was a laborer when he was still then alive and the promise of his deliverance from extreme hard work with meager income was compatible with my idealistic aspiration. I thought it was the best opportunity for me to realize my dream not only for my parent but also for others similarly situated. However, it was not meant to be. There were questions that remained unresolved as I carefully considered the pros and cons of my probable submission.

 Ideological Conflict

coldwarLest I be misunderstood I’d like to explain that this is not meant to adversely criticize and in the process antagonize the proponents and adherents of ideologies herein mentioned. I can understand that capitalism for instance very well serves the interest of its proponents and same thing is true with communism. The main point I want to raise is the inherent conflict of ideas between the two. For instance, one ideology is perceived by the other to be anti labor and hard-line pro capitalist while the other is considered pro labor and hard-line anti capitalist. 

 This sharp contrast in theorem presents a dangerous “class conflict” scenario, which had in fact metamorphosed already into a long drawn-out “ideological warfare” like what happened during the Cold War period in the 60’s and 70’s. Poverty stricken third world counties were further devastated by the effects of violent insurgencies, counter-insurgencies and other civil strife that brought about death, destruction, economic depredation, social injustice, human rights violation, indignity, famine and disease. Countries like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Indonesia including the Philippines to name a few, had been reduced to testing grounds in the experimental conduct of ‘warfare for ideological supremacy’.

This historical tragedy among nations with diverse ideologies clearly indicates the infirmities, the inherent materialism of their respective ideology.

The Perfect Ideology

broeliPerfect ideology was an elusive dream I thought but life must go on no matter what. So many years had passed and as I lived my life according to the world, I found myself captive in the quagmire of my own ambition and self gratification.

Admittedly, I had my share of human frailties and as I later achieved a certain degree of “power” that brought my feet off from the ground, a forceful collision with a greater “power” brought my feet back on the ground. The impact and magnitude of humiliating personal defeat which was proportionate to political, social, economic and military collapse effectively reduced me to nothingness.

Objectively, the root cause of it all cannot simplistically be attributed based on my fault or on the grave abuse of authority by the other party. I came to realize that such a tragedy was a symptom of social malaise traceable from the deeply seethed ideological misconception by both of us in particular and by our sick society in general.

Down and dejected, I underwent a series of profound soul searching in futile attempt to figure out my option. I must find solace and hopefully renewed vigor from within and from without the confines of my spiritual shelter. I needed to find a righteous spirit to guide me to the right spiritual direction. My search however proved futile as I came to realize only the fallibility of spirits outside my equally fallible religious faith!

I was about to lose hope until I came across Bro. Eli Soriano who, during a televised religious program: “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path), assured his audience with certainty as he was raising the Bible that there is hope for humankind. He briefly stated afterwards: “Ang kailangan lang, ang sasabihin mo, ang gagawin mo, ang gagastusin mo, kailangan …nakasulat!” (Whatever you say, whatever you do, whatever you spend…must be Biblically based!). That phrase attracted my attention and I became so interested to the point that I found myself regularly watching his program. (See also: )

That chance encounter with Bro. Eli marked the beginning of my true spiritual awakening. My continuous exposure to his method of undefiled preaching convinced me even more that his is the right spirit that gives the right spiritual direction. He guided me to read and understand the Scripture and when I did, the perfect ideology that I had been hoping for completely unfolded before my very consciousness. He led me to the old path of righteousness, the Church of God which is the embodiment of perfect spiritual ideology emanating from God Himself!

In the Church of God, I discovered a divine ideology that teaches faith instead of doubt, hope instead of frustration and above all, love that heals instead of hatred that aggravates the sickness of the soul. It is the ideology that will give spiritual salvation which should be the ultimate goal, the highest interest of man. How I wish everybody adopts this perfect ideology but sad to say, it would not be the case. Perfect ideology is exclusive for the believers and would be believers only!

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Indeed, this SCAN stuff (picture below) is an artistic depiction or portrayal of:


2. DEBRIS: represents the true state of MANALO’S DOCTRINE.

…and as for Manalo’s church, it is SHOWTIME!

SCAN International, a committee on Iglesia ni Cristo posted an image of their kapilya (church) in Tacloban City, appearing undamaged amidst destruction and chaos brought upon by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

The image posted on SCAN International’s facebook page quickly went viral, gathering close to 13 thousands shares, 18 thousand likes and almost 3 thousand comments. The caption of the image quotes a bible passage describing how faith could have saved the church. It also gives credit to the original owner of the image Rommel L. Rutor who according to the Facebook page is a Roman Catholic. 1466093_656603561046014_454485429_n


The Iglesia Ni Manalo may have realized by now the widespread negative public perception as regards to their wrong attitude and behavior in dealing with typhoon victims. Hence, in a reported news release (, they have refuted the reliable report about their insensitivity towards the Iloilo typhoon victims whom their church denied refuge.

Reportedly, there are 11 families who are now staying inside their church in Tacloban City. An average of 5 person per family would mean there are only 55 individuals inside said church which I suppose should be able to accommodate more than 100 individuals.

If they are really sincere in their effort to help as many people as possible, why limit the accommodation to 11 families when they can easily accommodate at least 20 families? Most likely, those 11 families are favored families entitled to INC preference and privileges for one reason or another.

Let us not be misled here. In extreme crisis situation like what happened in Tacloban, it defies logic and reason to be able to still select a very limited number of refugees and by family at that, unless it is a pre-determined accommodation to INC favored families. Lokohin nila lelong nila!

Manalo’s INC is now back in its usual state of HYPOCRISY to refute the said incident and make it appear that as if they also care for non-members. The SCAN International facebook page even removed the above picture from its timeline. However, despite this another stroke of HYPOCRICY, the TRUTH has already caused so much DAMAGE to their church’s effort to reverse its DEVIOUS and TATTERED reputation. The news release of Manalo’s church therefore is nothing more than a futile DAMAGE CONTROL exercise.

Binabago ang ulat!

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Manalo’s INC: In pursuit of patronage politics under the guise of Evangelical Mission

Introduction to patronage politics and vested interest

Politicians in general are hostages to the vested interests of groups and individuals who are contributors to their election campaign. Consequently, this practice adversely affects government policymaking in many different ways. Choice positions in government, business concessions and even judicial preference primarily constitute the vested interests which are granted (as political payback) to political investors (campaign contributors) by the politically indebted politicians. Hence, vested interests of groups/organizations or individuals who are engaged in this form of patronage politics (which is the main source of corruption) are strongly entrenched in government.

A fitting example of vested interestCentral_temple

An example of vested interest group is the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) of the Manalo family which has the reputation of being a political church. INC may not be a financial contributor but its block voting scheme during election which every politician so desires and covets is more than enough leverage for that political church to satisfy its vested interest which the highest government officials can give under the purview of patronage politics. Moreover, the INC’s political intervention is not limited only during election. The INC on several occasions had undertaken discreet mass action participations by providing crowds in support to political power grab that failed most notably: 1) the late Arturo Tolentino’s oath taking action as the “legitimate” President of the Philippines at the Manila Hotel on July 6, 1986; 2) EDSA III protest on May 1, 2001 sparked by the arrest in April 2001 of then newly deposed President Joseph Estrada. Those INC involvements in destabilization activities can be interpreted into something like the INC is a political mercenary which utilizes its people in the furtherance of its vested interest.

The political message from a political church     1tqj

On 14 October 2013, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said that the evangelical and medical mission of the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) on that day has a political message, contrary to what Malacañang and the religious group itself claim. “There is a message behind the INC event today and if you are a politician and you don’t get it, you are a fool,” Santiago said in a statement.

Senator Santiago’s statement reinforces the common perception that the INC is indeed a political church which, by means of its course of action is able to deliver a political message only the fool politician would not be able to understand. However, further statement of Santiago does not sit well with reality when she implied that the INC is the paragon of discipline and virtue and that said activity may be construed as protest of sort to perceived corruption in government. Hello!

The government may be corrupt but does the Senator honestly believe that if a corrupt government yields to the whims and caprices of INC, would the latter not be pacified and cooperate with the same government to high heavens? As if Santiago is not aware of the kind of patronage politics the INC is engaged in when in truth and in fact, and she emphasized it, that the INC activity HAS A POLITICAL MESSAGE which is the very highlight of her statement. Isn’t it ironic that a supposedly religious church is better known for its political message than it is known for its spiritual or religious message?

In short, the INC’s recent activity is in accordance with its propagation of corrupt practice of patronage politics in the furtherance of its vested interest which is the INC’s need to be a political power to be reckoned with by the government.

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“The Great Debate That Never Was”


A debate challenge was published

On March 27, 2005, a whole page paid advertisement was published in a major Philippine newspaper, The Manila Times wherein a religious preacher named ELISEO SORIANO, commonly referred to as Bro. ELI, Presiding Minister of Members, Church of God International or better known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD) challenged ERAÑO MANALO, the Executive Minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) in a satellite TV debate.

Followers of both religious camps and the general public had long been impatiently anticipating what should have been an extremely exciting spiritual argumentation between the two religious leaders. The debate was expected to be a fitting climax to a religious conflict which the INC was waging more psychologically and worldly rather than spiritually and biblically.

Bro. ELI who is a well known Great Debater in religion posed the challenge against MANALO apparently to expose what he knew as falsity of the INC religion amidst worsening situation of harassment, defamation and threat of violence against him. Hereunder was the complete text of Bro. ELI’s bold and straightforward debate challenge:

A Message to Eraño Manalo:

“This message is prompted by my fervent desire to uphold the biblical TRUTH and in the same vein to address the worsening spiritual conflict that effectively divides us mainly due to our extreme doctrinal differences in Christian faith.

While we believe that ours is the doctrine derived from the Bible pure and undefiled, yours is a doctrine with variable interpretations and bereft of Biblical justification. You may consider such declaration a boastful assertion but we have sufficient basis concerning our proud Christian conviction. The same principle compels us to initiate a crusade of sustained worldwide bible expositions so as to correct common biblical misunderstandings or misconceptions. In your case however, it is doctrinal disinformation/misinformation which I am specially trying to deal with.

Incidentally, in the process of my candid and uncompromising effort to protect many other souls from being misguided and deceived, I may be coming out antagonistic at times hence, your tendency to dislike, hate and despise me. Nonetheless, if that is the price I have to pay (for just being servant no greater than my Master whose example and command I follow and obey), then so be it. If our Lord Jesus Christ in all His Godliness paid a supreme sacrifice for the sake of TRUTH and SALVATION, then who am I to shy away from God sent responsibility and not suffer as He suffered? Unfortunately though, some of those who refuse to understand due mainly to selfish interest have opted to remain in their fortress only to become agents of hypocrisy, tools for deception and peddlers of lies.

Since you have launched the program “Ang Tamang Daan” on your nationwide TV and radio network more than two (2) years ago, I have found myself perpetually at the receiving end of vicious smear campaign and character assassination. Characteristics of your designs are trashes and craps  from your stinking armory of desperate propagandizing filled with dirty tricks and rotten schemes like the following:

1. The series of televised and formal endorsement by your supposedly dignified Ministers of smut magazines purportedly containing pornographic illustrations of my person.

2. The dubious testimonies of dismissed or suspended workers and members who were lucratively employed in your program purposely to vilify me.

3. The agitation effort directed to our Muslim Filipino brothers to rise up against me by presenting dubious tapes to project that I am personally against them.

4. Many other morally demeaning and libelous accusations hurled against me.

These and more, without let up have been directed and fired at will and this space is not enough to contain the complete list of unchristian acts committed against my person so freely and willfully done in wanton disregard of the Laws of God and the Laws of Man. The innumerable menu of a daily recycled negative “PR” blitz is ordinarily flavored with unsavory segments of mangled tapes played to create a “spin” of inconsistencies and contradictions in my preaching.

Uncanny diversionary tactics in frantic effort to evade the onslaught of TRUTH is usually the specialty of the day. The same is garnished completely with black propaganda, outright lies and circumvented laws of logic which are sure ingredients that cause severe moral and spiritual diarrhea to innocent and unsuspecting viewers/listeners.

However, no amount of Psychological weapons and propaganda ammunitions from the reservoir of your dirty tricks department can stop me; nay distract me from vigorously pursuing my evangelical mission. I stand for the TRUTH and refuse to be dragged down the gutter of schemes that creates a polluted atmosphere suitable for the language of hypocrisy, deception and lies to prevail. I prefer the modern arena for an intellectual and dignified religious confrontation whereby observers worldwide can judge us based on sensible reasoning straight from the scriptures. This I believe is the best way to settle who between us promotes the doctrine of TRUTH and who promotes the doctrine of LIES with the Bible as our guide.

It is therefore incumbent upon you Mr. Manalo, by virtue of your command responsibility being the spiritual leader of INC to facilitate orderliness within the confines of your spiritual fortress if you are really true. By allowing so much of these improprieties, indiscretions and acts unbecoming of your “PR” Ministers, you are wittingly or unwittingly causing collateral damage instead of doing justice to the righteous principle of Christian evangelism.

By presenting in your program some of our Muslim brothers indignant over my supposedly “offensive words” against their faith, you have actually demonstrated your potent capacity for creating “low intensity conflict”. Worse, your minions are monitoring and announcing my private activities and whereabouts as if I am a target of Muslim’s “seek and destroy operation”. This kind of behavior is an expressed admission of your willingness to act as agents for those who maybe wishing me harm. Ironically, you seem to be seeking alliance with a different religion outside your own even if such religion, according to your own doctrine (not ours) is hopeless and hell bound.

I therefore urge you now to settle our difference once and for all and put an end to the unchristian kind of spiritual warfare being introduced in your program that only tends to muddle the real issues and deviate from the biblical truth. In this regard, I am inviting you to a one on one discussion or debate which will finally settle our doctrinal differences with the bible as our sole basis. The most logical venue, viewership wise and security wise is our respective television studio to be simultaneously covered live worldwide via satellite.

I will be waiting for your response for us to discuss the mechanics hoping that you will live up to the INC’s earlier tradition of courage in defending its faith … no matter how hopeless!


ELESEO F. SORIANO, Presiding Minister
Members, Church of God International

The great escape from the haunting challenge

Bro. ELI’s challenge was formal and official but MANALO’s response was ridiculous, senseless and filled with alibis. In a press release on the same broadsheet the day after the debate challenge was published, the INC had this to say: “To respond to debate challenge at that point would be a violation of the sub-judice rules of court considering the numerous libel cases the INC filed against Bro. ELI. For further information please watch the INC TV program Ang Tamang Daan”.

It came to pass that the next day, the impatient followers of both camps watched the INC TV program in bated breath for the complete and official INC announcement pertaining to what was perceived as impending debate. Unfortunately however, public frustration set in the moment the program hosts (MANALO’s apologists Ramil Parba and Michael Sandoval) announced to everyone’s dismay that Bro. ELI must first debate with the POPE of ROME in LATIN before he could have the opportunity to face the INC leader in a one on one debate.

Indeed, Manalo’s position in this case was nothing but a demonstration of futile effort to evade a bible based debate with Bro. ELI and to avoid embarrassment. Finally, since the very subject of Bro. ELI’s daring and haunting challenge eventually passed away, the much awaited confrontation between them will forever be “the great debate that never was”.

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“The FILMMAKER” film by Ulysses Villamin was his final project for New York Film Academy when he enrolled for a 4-week Filmmaking course. He made this film to express what they, as students felt as they were undergoing the course. It represents conquering their fears and having the courage to give their dreams a try regardless of the result.

“The FILMMAKER” commences with a symbolic scenario of a cat silently walking over piles of books and research materials. Surprisingly, the cat was effectively directed to perform its role, to project or represent quiet and undisturbed way of studying and learning. Such a symbolic introduction serves as a segue to the filmmaking student’s sub-plot, the violent rescue (though subduedly presented) of a woman by her lover from the bailiwick of another man. The sub-plot eventually constituted Ulysses’ intention of how to go about the highlight of his film with its remarkably well defined cinematography.

The main storyline of “The FILMMAKER” has Ulysses himself playing the role of a filmmaking student which he actually was during his making of this film. Even as “The FILMMAKER” had depicted him as a good for nothing filmmaker (the recipient of boos and tomato throwing from his peers), the film made sure that it delivered the message and that is, from Ulysses’ own words: “…to express what we as students felt as we were undergoing the course. It represents conquering our fears and having the courage to give our dreams a try regardless of the result.”

“The FILMMAKER” is really one of a kind film that begins as a suspense thriller and ends up as a comedy film but nonetheless, very sensible and intelligently presented. As a matter of fact, “The FILMAKER” is a strong candidate for top awards at


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Man need not be spiritually blind (I was blind but now I can see!)



The findings of Bruce Hood, professor of developmental psychology at Bristol University, suggest that magical and supernatural beliefs are hardwired into our brains from birth and that religions are therefore tapping into a powerful psychological force. Accordingly, the way children’s brains develop suggests that during the process of evolution those with religious tendencies began to benefit from their beliefs – possibly by working in groups to ensure the future of their community. Hood’s work is supported by other researchers who have found evidence linking religious feelings and experience to particular regions of the brain. Hence, researchers have come to conclusion that humans are programmed to believe in God because it gives them a better chance of survival.

The scientific findings that a supernatural belief is hardwired into our brains is a positive development that provides answer to our instinctive religious tendency. Yet, it also presents inherent human vulnerability to false religious teachings too. Very regretfully, when man becomes matured enough to be able to understand teachings about God according to the scripture, false preachers are lurking everywhere to accomplish their mission to propagate spiritual deception at every turn and opportunity. For this reason, many are swayed and many more are expected to be swayed into the wrong concept of religious belief sponsored by deceitful workers. (“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.” – 2 Cor 11:13-14)

Searching for the righteous spirit

There is therefore a need for people to be able to discern the true messenger of God who preaches the Biblical truth as compared to the false prophets of sanctimonious groups who propagate man made doctrines and spiritual fallacies. (1 John 4:1 – Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world). This has been the case in the search for truth by some American, African, Filipino, other European and Asian citizens prior to their induction as Members, Church of God International (MCGI), the true bible based Christian church.

The diversity of people’s nationalities and former religious affiliations has not been a hindrance to them as they listened to Bro. Eli Soriano, the spiritual leader of MCGI and they have appreciated the wisdom of his uncompromising revelation of the Biblical truth. His sensible and undefiled Biblical method of propagation used to successfully expose the sanctimonious practices by groups hiding under the cloak of Christian religion. However, as people elsewhere became enlightened and followed him in droves, the organized and powerful detractors on the other hand were threatened and became excessively envious and insecure. Hence, Bro. Eli had become a fair game and target of endless harassments, vicious smear campaign and other forms of persecution. ( )

Notwithstanding the devious attempt to picture him out as a wicked person, Bro. Eli (who is considered as the nightmare of false prophets) has time and again exposed his detractors’ spiritual and intellectual bankruptcy. If it is Biblically stated that none of the wicked shall understand, how then can Bro. Eli, with his impeccable biblical wisdom and with a horde of God fearing followers worldwide be effectively portrayed as wicked? (“Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand” – Daniel 12:10).

Bro. Eli’s numerous worldwide Bible Expositions where he used to open himself up to a kind of no holds barred questionings and scrutiny from hard headed false pastors (who used to end up into submission) and from the real truth seekers (who used to attain spiritual enlightenment from him) are testaments to his irrefutable biblical knowledge and understanding. (“If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on my own authority. He who speaks from himself seeks his own glory; but He who seeks the glory of the One who sent Him is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him.” – John 7:17-18)

Spiritually blind no more

While it is true that psychologist researchers have come to conclusion that man is programmed to believe in God, he is practically “spiritually blind” until such time he comes to learn the Biblical Word of God.

By way of figurative parallelism, all of us are considered “legally blind” upon birth and up to about six months according to a famous pediatrician from Reno, Nevada Dr. Susan E.C. Sorensen. That doesn’t mean however that at this age, they see as clearly as an adult with perfect vision because attaining a vision of 20/20 normally takes some time. ( .)

In other words, even if the belief in God is hardwired into our brain, we may still be considered “spiritually blind” in much the same way that we are “legally blind” upon birth. The time and the process it takes to do away with “spiritual blindness” is much longer and more complicated than the natural remedy for “legal blindness”.

In my case, I was able to do away with my “spiritual blindness” when I had the chance to listen to Bro. Eli as he was preaching the pure and undefiled Biblical doctrine of Christ. Yes, like the other brethren of MCGI similarly situated, I was blind but now I can see! Thanks be to God!

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The “Nightmare” of False Prophets (Part 3): Introduction to Foreign Mission


The INC’s tremendous influence over the justice system of the past Arroyo government enabled the relentless persecution and harassment against Bro. Eli wherein he had been forced to dreadfully struggle through. The seeming helplessness of his situation all through those years had become a lingering legal nightmare to his lawyers. They realized the futility of lawyering for a client who, if not being subjected to the reign of terror was being deliberately humiliated and abused, systematically at that by the screwed judicial processes prevailing.

Eventually, Bro. Eli’s advisers ended up with common suggestion for him to sidestep the serious threat to his life and freedom by way of an immediate travel abroad. This would enable him to find a foreign home where he could live safer and more freely overseas rather than be preoccupied with endless harassment and persecutions or worse, be physically eliminated. On that basis did he travel abroad? Not necessarily…but on the basis of biblical justification that earlier was mentioned.

As usual, Bro. Eli was just being guided by the wisdom of his bible based disposition and resolve. Therefore, Bro. Eli’s faith and enduring hope, after all, had finally brought him to where he should really be. From preaching in his native country in the East, he had traveled to the West to continue his mission by following the biblical direction.

Bro. Eli takes greater spiritual initiative while abroad

Bro. Eli’s stay abroad which had begun during the latter part of December 2005 presented opportunity for him to visit the locales of purely Filipino brethren in some parts of the world particularly in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America. Sooner than later did he personally assess and conclude that his stay in those foreign places could more effectively facilitate the worldwide propagation of the pure and undefiled Christian doctrine which he used to preach about.

It must be pointed out that while still based in the Philippines, Bro. Eli had already been laying down the groundwork for his own concept of global evangelism that had been featuring Bible Exposition programs via satellite hand in hand with on-line internet live broadcasting of the same. As a matter of fact on July 13, 2002, the first Bible Exposition in Singapore with global exposure and reach was successfully conducted using modern communication technology wherein Bro. Eli gave a three-hour preaching in English for the first time.

On the 30th of August of the same year, another Worldwide Bible Exposition emanating from San Juan Gymnasium in Metro Manila, Philippines was likewise held successfully. Since then, Worldwide Bible Expositions were being held regularly in coordination with other chapters abroad including the live airing of the first Grand Bible Exposition of Bro. Eli on November 14, 2004 again in Singapore which was made more conveniently accessible for worldwide live monitoring.

Bible Exposition by the way is an inimitable trademark of Bro. Eli’s method of preaching. It highlights an open forum whereby guests are encouraged to ask their queries regarding Christian faith and other related issues. Much unlike the common preachers who normally preach from their personal point of view, Bro. Eli is always instantaneous and abundant with biblical verses when preaching. It boggles the mind how gifted is he for having that impeccable proficiency to recall (with pinpoint accuracy) the biblical verses that serve as perfect answers to all religious queries.

His “weapons of mass salvation” are effectively utilized for global evangelism

Indeed, Bro. Eli’s concept of global evangelization used to be an amazing display of biblical wisdom that had clearly defined his deep-seated spiritual sensibility. He had possessed the ability to anticipate people’s growing spiritual yearnings and had been capable of providing them the nuts and bolts required to satisfy their religious desires. His innovative approach in the propagation of spiritual salvation had been relentlessly pursued and effectively set in motion years prior to his stay abroad.

Even beforehand, his spiritual labor had been geared towards establishing a worldwide breeding ground for would-be recipients of true spiritual inheritance which constituted the righteousness of his advocacy. His subsequent life abroad therefore had become the perfect occasion for him to demonstrate and make good use of his previously assembled spiritual weapons. In fact, his hands are full, taking advantage of the immense opportunity there from to better preach the Gospel to all nations.

The persistent worldwide manifestation of what seemed like Bro. Eli’s weapons of mass salvation included among others: Bible Expositions; Internet website accounts and social network blog sites (containing relevant information/updates about him including all his programs and activities as a preacher); religious programs on TV and; his debates with religious pretenders. Those weapons of him on display helped a lot in effort to establish new sets of live audiences abroad whose common interest upon knowing him has been focused into: learning further the biblical truth; satisfying their spiritual thirst and hunger and; being able to witness his unique method of preaching up close and personal.

Hence, on January 7, 2006, Bro. Eli had set himself up to face the greater challenge ahead and conducted the first live Bible Exposition in Los Angeles, California, USA. The surprising attendance of U.S citizens and other foreign nationals who watched and listened in total awe as he provided biblical answers to all their questions gave him a hint of greater things to come. The said religious event signaled the beginning of a new chapter, a different level of advancement in Bro. Eli’s missionary works. – End of Part 3

Next issue:
The “Nightmare” of False Prophets 4: Insidious efforts to derail the foreign mission proved futile.

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